The Squad provides services that are vital to the well-being of its patrons. 
Here is what a few of our passengers have to say.

Mr. Rod Atwood & Mr. Jack Haley, both of Vero Beach
A resident of Vero Beach since 1981, Mr. Atwood is a decorated veteran of the Viet Nam war. Unable to drive due to an injury, he uses the Ambulance Squad to get to his appointments with the Veterans' Administration Clinic.

"I am very happy with the service of the Ambulance Squad. They arrive when they say they will. If I just have a quick blood test the driver even waits for me to take me home. Before I discovered the Squad, getting to and from my appointments was a real problem."

Mr. Haley is a veteran of the US Navy, having served during the Suez Canal crisis in the early 1950’s.  Like Mr. Atwood he will utilize the Squad for transportation to the V.A. clinic.  He has been a Vero Beach resident since 1973.

“I am very grateful to have this service available. 
Otherwise I had to constantly rely on friends to get me to my appointments.  That becomes a real burden for them, and sometimes they are just not available.”

Mrs. Elisa Green of Vero Beach
Mrs. Green has been a resident of Vero Beach since 1963. Along with her late husband, she has utilized the services of the Ambulance Squad for over ten years. At one point she says she and her husband considered moving to another community but ruled out the idea because they would have no convenient way of getting to and from appointments.

"This service is a blessing for me. They used to transport my husband and now they do the same for me. There is just no comparison of this service to any other transportation available around the county. All the drivers are so friendly and helpful."


Mrs. Pecola Wilson of Vero Beach

I was diagnosed with kidney failure and I suddenly needed dialysis treatment three days a week for the rest of my life.  My husband and I did not own a car and we relied on family and friends for our basic transportation needs. Getting to and from the dialysis clinic, at the times I needed to go, was not possible in my situation.  Fortunately the Renal Care facility gave me a schedule where a family member could bring me in early morning on the way to work   Then they arranged for the Ambulance Squad to take me home at mid-day.  What a relief it is to have the Squad provide this wonderful service all these years.  I can't say enough about the peace of mind they have given me.

Mrs. Pat Applegate of Vero Beach
Mrs. Applegate and her husband have been local residents since 1977. Together they have been riding with the Ambulance Squad for about the last two years.

"We feel very fortunate to have the Volunteer Ambulance Squad when we need to see our doctors. They do a great job. The drivers are terrific and always on time. We really appreciate having this service available to us."

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