How We Use Your Money
We are able to pay for the cost of providing our services, and to purchase new vehicles through the generosity of individuals, corporations and foundations in Indian River County. Volunteers contribute over 15,000 hours annually which helps keep our expenses low. 100% of every dollar we spend goes directly to serving our riders.

Operating Costs
The Squad’s largest burden is its day to day operating cost.  We provide 14,000 free trips annually.  To provide these trips we have 10 vehicles on the road every day, driving over 140,000 miles and consuming 6,600 gallons of gasoline each year.  Please consider funding one of our many operating expenses.  For example:

  • $200 will provide fuel for one vehicle for one month.
  • $125 will pay for one new tire.
  • $30 will pay for one routine oil and filter service for one vehicle.
  • $24 will pay for one passenger round trip to the doctor.

To donate simply go to the “PayPal” link below and complete the necessary information. 
Your gift will make a real difference to those in need of our service.

(Please be aware that we hold our donor information in strictest confidence.  We do not sell, rent, or share your information and we do not solicit our donors by phone.  We have a once a year annual fund raising appeal through the mail in early spring.)

About Us
The Squad has positively impacted our community from its inception in 1966 through today.
Staff & Volunteers
Meet our team of staff and volunteers that are the backbone of the IRC Volunteer Ambulance Squad.
Meet a few of our passengers, and hear what they have to say about our medical transport service.